Sitemap - 2020 - Asia Travel Re:Set

Asia Travel Re:Set #21 – 10 Takeaways From 2020 in South East Asia

2020: Looking Back On The Year That Changed Travel Forever

Asia Travel Re:Set #20 – A Torrid Travel Year in Australia

“It Will Take Upwards of 5 Years to Recover,” with Simon Westaway, Australian Tourism Industry Council

Asia Travel Re:Set #19 – 100 Million Chinese Outbound Travellers in 2021?

Welcome to the Age of Vaccine Travelnomics

Asia Travel Re:Set #18 – Surge or Slowdown?: Travel Infrastructure in South East Asia - Part 2

"No-one's Wearing Masks Any More in Laos," with Jason Rolan, RDK Group

Asia Travel Re:Set #17 – Surge or Slowdown?: What's Next for Travel & Tourism Infrastructure in South East Asia - Part 1

What Next After The Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble?

Asia Travel Re:Set #16 – 15 Things the Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble Tells Us About Pre-Vaccine Travel

Singapore & Hong Kong Embark on an Uncharted Era of Travel

Asia Travel Re:Set #15 – When Will South East Asia Reopen for Tourism? - Part I

The Friday Rewind 8: Indonesian Flights Boost, Seoul SEA Showcase & Cambodia's Tuk-Tuk DJs

Asia Travel Re:Set #14 – Will Governments Control the Future of Travel?

The Friday Rewind 7: High-Speed Trains, More Bubbles & 'Jurassic Park' Dragons

Asia Travel Re:Set #13 – China Wants its 'Hyper Trains' to Refashion Travel

The Troubles With Travel Bubbles

Asia Travel Re:Set #12 – Air Bubble Reunions Go AWOL in Australia

Airlines & Airports Fight to Survive Across South East Asia

Asia Travel Re:Set #11 – Half of China Goes on Vacation

Asia Travel Re:Set #10 – "COVID-19 & Travel: Impacts, Responses and Outcomes"

Singapore Takes The Travel Lead in a 3-Speed South East Asia

Asia Travel Re:Set #9 – The 20 Events That Shaped The Travel Year: Part II

In Conversation: "COVID-19's Been Devastating for Bali," with Stuart McDonald, Travelfish

Asia Travel Re:Set #8 – "Some Asian Airlines Are Going Back 25 Years"

Asia Travel Re:Set #7 – 20 Events That Shaped the 2020 Travel Year: Part I

The Friday Rewind 6: KLIA Transit Troubles, Positive Vibes in Vietnam & Tourist Trash Returns to Sender

Asia Travel Re:Set #6 - Taking on Tokyo in the [Former] Olympic Year

Olympics 2021, Space Tourism & Harry Potter: What's The Future of Travel in Japan?

Asia Travel Re:Set #5 – Could Wearables Help Unlock Safer Travel?

Q4 2020: What's the Best South East Asia Travel Can Hope For?

Asia Travel Re:Set #4 - Is The Sun Setting on Asia's Tourism Boom Years?

Asia Travel Re:Set #3 - Is an 'ASEAN Bubble' Realistic?

The Friday Rewind 5: Thai Domestic Travel Delivers Big, MICE Makes Waves in Singapore & Roll on Cambodia 2023

Asia Travel Re:Set #2 - Could Entire Travel Economies Turn to Dust?

Is it Vaccine or Bust for Tourism Reopening in South East Asia?

Asia Travel Re:Set #1 - The 'Pilot' Edition

Who, Where & What is Asia Travel Re:Set?

Charting the transformation of travel in Asia Pacific

12 Months of Travel Trauma in Australia & No End in Sight

The Friday Rewind 4: From Bio Bubbles in Phuket to Flight Refund Woes in Philippines and Opening Prisons to Tourists

Bali's Reopening Postponed: What Next for Tourism in Indonesia & South East Asia?

Can Domestic Travellers Rescue South East Asia's Embattled Tourism Sector?

The Friday Rewind 3: COVID-19 Causes ASEAN Spats, While Malaysia & Myanmar Seek Travel Cut-Through

Can SEA Islands Provide a Blueprint for the Future of Tourism?

The Friday Rewind 2 in 60 Seconds

The Friday Rewind 2: Summer Turns Sour in Vietnam, While Thai Tourism Plays in the Premier League

7 Months in a COVID Travel Bubble

Travel Anxiety & the Enduring COVID Fear Factor

The Friday Rewind: A Bad Week For Thailand, But AirAsia Gets Bullish

20 SEA Travel Outcomes That No-one Predicted in 2020

In Conversation: Cristy Elmendorp, Soma Journeys

The 6 Key Factors Inhibiting a Travel Recovery

It's Been A Terrible Year for Travel Predictions

The South East Asia Travel Show Trailer: June 2020

Is it Time for a Tourism Rethink in Malaysia?

Bubbles, Bailouts & Bloated Fares: SEA Airlines Are in a Mess

Can Cambodia Entice More Visitors From China & South East Asia?

It's All About Vietnam: Asia's Hottest Post-COVID Destination

Travel Recovery & The Role of the Media

What is the Future for Chinese Tourism in South East Asia?

Not Everything in Travel Relates to COVID-19!

In Conversation: The Current State of Aviation in Asia-Pacific with Mac Patel, OAG

After 4 Months of COVID-19, Where Does Travel Go From Here?

The Future of Cruise Travel in Asia Pacific

Which Destinations Will Recover Earliest?

In Conversation: Leisure Travel May Take 2 Years to Recover with Stuart McDonald, Travelfish